Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver– The Canon PIXMA MG3600 is a versatile printer that offers high-quality printing, scanning, and copying. However, like any electronic device, it can encounter issues such as paper jams, error lights, and clogged print heads.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Canon PIXMA MG3600, including its driver, ink, setup, scanner, phone connectivity, paper jam, error lights, and print head cleaning.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver

Before setting up your Canon PIXMA MG3600, download and install its driver. The driver is software that enables your computer to communicate with the printer. Follow the steps below to install the driver:

  1. Go to Canon’s official website and search for the PIXMA MG3600 driver.
  2. Download the driver that matches your operating system.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Ink

The Canon PIXMA MG3600 uses two ink cartridges: black and tri-color. The ink cartridges are replaceable and can be bought from Canon or third-party suppliers. To replace the ink cartridges, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your printer and wait for the ink cartridge holder to stop moving.
  2. Open the front cover of the printer and wait for the ink cartridge holder to move to the replacement position.
  3. Push the tab of the empty ink cartridge to release it and remove it from the printer.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge out of its package and remove the protective tape.
  5. Insert the new ink cartridge into the holder and push it until it clicks into place.
  6. Close the front cover of the printer.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Setup

Setting up your Canon PIXMA MG3600 is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your printer and wait for it to warm up.
  2. Press and hold the WiFi button on the printer until the light starts flashing.
  3. Go to your computer or mobile device’s WiFi settings and connect to the printer’s network.
  4. Open your web browser and type in the printer’s IP address.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Scanner

The Canon PIXMA MG3600 has a built-in scanner that allows you to digitize documents and photos. Follow these steps to scan a document or photo:

  1. Place the document or photo face-down on the scanner glass.
  2. Press the Scan button on the printer or select the scan option from your computer’s software.
  3. Choose the scanning settings, such as color, resolution, and file format.
  4. Click the Scan button to start the scanning process.
  5. Once the scan is complete, save the scanned file to your computer.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Connect to Phone

The Canon PIXMA MG3600 can be connected to your phone or tablet via WiFi. Follow these steps to connect your phone to the printer:

  1. Download and install the Canon PRINT app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Turn on your printer and ensure it is connected to WiFi.
  3. Open the Canon PRINT app and tap the “+” icon to add a printer.
  4. Select your printer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  5. Once your phone is connected to the printer, you can start printing from your phone.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Paper Jam

If you encounter a paper jam while using the Canon PIXMA MG3600, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power
  1. Open the paper output cover and remove any paper stuck inside.
  2. Check the rear tray for any jammed paper or torn.
  3. Gently pull the jammed paper out of the printer.
  4. Close the paper output cover and rear tray.
  5. Plug the printer back in and turn it on.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Error Lights

The Canon PIXMA MG3600 has various error lights that indicate different issues. Here are some common error lights and their solutions:

  1. Power Light: If the power light flashes orange, the printer is out of paper or has a paper jam. Add paper or clear the jammed paper to resolve the issue.
  2. Alarm Light: The printer has an error if the alarm light flashes orange. Check the printer’s screen or software for an error message and follow the instructions to resolve the issue.
  3. Ink Light: If the ink light is flashing orange, the ink cartridges run low or need replacing. Replace the ink cartridges to resolve the issue.

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Clean Print Head

Over time, the print head of your Canon PIXMA MG3600 can become clogged with dried ink, resulting in poor print quality. Here’s how to clean the print head:

  1. Press and hold the Stop button on the printer for 5 seconds to begin cleaning.
  2. The printer will start cleaning the print head. This may take a few minutes.
  3. Once the cleaning process is complete, print a nozzle check pattern to see if the print quality has improved. If not, repeat the cleaning process.
  4. If the print quality still does not improve, you may need to replace the ink cartridges or contact Canon customer support for assistance.


The Canon PIXMA MG3600 is a reliable and versatile printer with high-quality printing, scanning, and copying. With this guide, you now have a better understanding of how to set up, troubleshoot, and maintain your Canon PIXMA MG3600.

Remember to keep your printer’s driver and ink cartridges up to date, and clean the print head regularly to ensure optimal print quality. If you encounter any issues with your Canon PIXMA MG3600, refer to this guide or contact Canon customer support for assistance.

Canon MG3600 Driver Download Support OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download Support Languages:

  • English – Spanish – German – CA – Czech
  • French- Italian – Turkish – Finnish -Portuguese
  • Hungarian – Danish – MS – Dutch – Norwegian
  • Polish – Arabic – Russian – Northern Sami
  • SK – TC – Thai – EU – VN – Chinese


Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver for Windows
Recommended Drivers

  • Download ==–>> Canon PIXMA MG3600 Full Driver & Software Package (Windows)

Optional Drivers

  • Download ==–>> Canon PIXMA MG3600 MP Drivers (Windows)
  • Download ==–>> XPS Printer Driver (Windows)


To Download Mac Os X Driver and Linux Drivers Please click pages 2.

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