Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility

Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility

Canon Pixma MG2900 Reviews– The Canon PIXMA MG2900 offers all the basics, including a wireless connection for mobile printing. Aimed directly at student and home markets, the printer is available in black or white and has a neat, modern look.

The front is deeply pruned, reducing the overall footprint when the machine is open for printing. Unusually for a Canon printer, it feeds paper from the tray at the back, which can hold up to 60 sheets, and feeds on a telescopic output tray in front. There’s no front cover for the machine.

Having this direct paper path makes it easier to print on the map since it doesn’t have to do the 180-degree turn that the media in front of the printer’s boot should.

On top, the simple A4 scanner doesn’t have an automatic Feeder document – you don’t expect one at this price – and to the left of it is a very simple control panel, with physical buttons and pinhead LEDs.

Double cartridges, one black, and the other tricolor, slot in front as soon as you flipped down the panel behind the output tray. They are not so easy to reach and you have to press the cartridges up to click on the place, which is a bit uncomfortable.

The cartridges are available in two containers, although even the XL versions have a maximum of 400 pages of black and 300 colors.

Connecting via USB or wireless and Wi-Fi connection is easy to set up, with just a few clicks, one on the printer and the other on the router. The software is a regular set of quality Canon applications, including My Image Garden and Easy-WebPrint.

Canon rates 2900 at 8ppm black and 4ppm colors and in our tests we got pretty close. Our five-page mono print text is completed in 47 seconds, giving a print speed of 6.4ppm, but this has increased to 6.7ppm on a 20-page print. There is no duplex on the machine unless you turn the paper by hand.

There are a few other important things this printer can’t do. It can’t print photos without borders, including on 15 x 10cm photo blanks, and it can’t print on A4 photo paper, with or without borders. Photo printing is a very likely use for an entry-level all-in-one, so this is a notable drawback.

The five-page mono text and color test graphics returned only 1.6ppm, less than half the specified speed. The 15 x 10 cm bordering photo took 2:08 in the best quality, printed with a PC and 48s standard quality with an Android smartphone.

While these speeds don’t take your breath away, they’re not at all bad for a printer at this price. However, the machine is very noisy for a relatively slow device and peaked at 76dBA by 0.5 m, while feeding the paper.

The quality of prints from the machine is not what we have come to expect from Canon. The black text is jittery, with some ink spread and poor registration from one head to pass to another. The color fills the business charts fine, but the reverse text shows the disintegration of the black background. The photos are well reproduced, with natural colors and smooth transitions.

Using the XL version of the cartridges gives the page a cost of 3.8p for mono printing and 8.2p for color, including 0.7p for paper. They are quite high, but not compared to other printers for the same price. For example, the 30 HP Officejet 1510 has equivalent costs of 3.8p and 9.2p, or a penny per page color higher than Canon.

There are pros and cons to this machine. It’s neat and small, but so hp Officejet 1510. HP print quality is better on conventional paper, and both printers offer very similar speeds. Canon offers a wireless connection, so it can print from phones and tablets as well as PCs that HP can’t, but it’s also much noisier, a full 10dBA louder than Officejet.

Canon’s PIXMA MG2900 falls remarkably short on the simple print quality of the paper and is very noisy when printed, but is pretty fast and offers a wireless connection that is few if any other all-in-one can match the price.

Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility Support OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility Support Languages:

  • English – Spanish – German – CA – Czech 
  • French- Italian – Turkish – Finnish -Portuguese
  • Hungarian – Danish – MS – Dutch – Norwegian
  • Polish – Arabic – Russian – Northern Sami
  • SK – TC – Thai – EU – VN – Chinese


Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility Download Free
Recommended Drivers

  • Download ==–>> Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility (Windows)
  • Download ==–>> Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility (Linux)
  • Download ==–>> Canon Pixma MG2900 IJ Scan Utility (Mac)

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