Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver– The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 is a high-quality 13-inch A3 + photo printer that produces great-looking prints on both glossy and matte surfaces. It replaces the PIXMA PRO-10S, a printer we rank as one of Canon’s best photo printers, and slides under the larger imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 A2 format large format printer.

The two main options for inkjet printers at this price point are dye or pigment-based inks. Dye printers generally work faster and better with glossy photo papers because the ink molecules are small enough to be completely absorbed under the glossy outer surface of the paper. Pigment-based inks work better in matte and fine art environments as the results tend to look better, and the ink is more resistant and fade resistant.

Whichever ink option you choose, the amount of very fine detail in an A3 or 13×19 inch printed photo can be staggering and far more effective than A4. It allows you to print photos large enough to be framed and hung on a wall directly from your desktop.


The key to the success of these Canon printers in producing high quality results on both glossy and matte substrates is that they are equipped with a “color enhancer” in their cartridges. This smooths the surface when printing on glossy photo paper, so the reflectivity of different colors and shades is not different. The ink range is very wide with only ten individual cartridges. In addition to Color Optimizer, you get matte and black inks for photos, cyan, cyan, magenta, yellow, gray and red inks. They are all part of Canon’s latest LUCIA PRO series, providing a wide gamut (color space) with rich, vibrant color reproduction and high image quality monochrome prints.

Unlike Epson’s older 13-inch SureColor SC-P600 pigment printer, Canon’s printhead has special channels for both photo black and matte black. This eliminates the need for waste of time, ink and therefore money when moving from glossy media to matte media.

Like the PRO-10S, the PRO-300 works with 14 ml cartridges. While this naturally depends on the vibrant colors and density of your images, it should be sufficient for 30 to 60 borderless A3 + printing from each cartridge. Ink costs usually around $ 2.75 / £ 3.70 for printing borderless A3 + photos, which is quite reasonable. Like most inkjet printers, the PRO-300 comes with “setup cartridges”, but unlike some printers, they are quite durable and won’t dry out after a few prints.

An unusual feature of the PRO-300 is that it can create borderless prints not only on glossy photo paper, but on matte and art media. This can be a huge advantage, but you should turn off the Set Paper Size Margin setting that is enabled by default in the printer driver. Indeed, Canon warns that “depending on the environment, conditions such as paper abrasion can cause paper smears or poor print quality.” However, we have created about a dozen borderless A3 + photo prints on Premium Matte Photo Paper and Premium Fine Art Smooth media without any side effects.

Another advantage is that the printer uses a wide variety of media. This includes not only Canon’s impressive art papers catalog, but also media from independent manufacturers such as Hahnemuhle, Canson and Awagami. Moreover, Canon Professional Print & Layout software can be downloaded for free, which works as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Canon Digital Photo Professional, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This allows you to use both soft and hard proof proofs for different paper types, and also allows you to apply custom settings to individual images that will be printed on the same page.


Weighing 14.4 kg, the PRO-300 is not easy. It has a really solid chassis and the build quality is excellent. Handling is enhanced by the addition of both a top and rear feeder. In addition to meeting a variety of popular print formats, the printer can also produce panoramic prints up to 990.6 cm in length. Another improvement over the older PRO-10S is the PRO-300’s 3-inch color LCD display. It comes with a set of adjacent navigation buttons that make it easy to set paper types for each feed path, as well as perform routine maintenance and keep track of ink levels.

Connectivity is good with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well as a high-speed USB port. A range of cloud printing options include AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Windows 10 Mobile, Canon Print Service, and PIXMA Cloud Link. The printer is very quiet at around 40 dB (A), and “Quiet” mode is also available through the menu system.


The print quality is absolutely outstanding. The color rendition is very rich and vibrant, but very realistic. On-screen proofing and hard proofing features in the included Professional Print & Layout software make it easy to get exactly the results you want on a variety of media without wasting ink and paper. The quality of black and white photos is as impressive as the color reproduction, with excellent tonal clarity and saturation.

When creating prints that will last a lifetime, criticizing the printer for its lack of speed seems a little unpleasant. In fact, any desktop printer will be much faster than ordering prints online and waiting for them to arrive in the mail. However, speed can be an issue if you need to create multiple prints quickly. The print speed is very similar to that of the PRO-10S, which is not as fast as most dye printers, but still quite fast for a pigment printer.

A3 + borderless printing on glossy paper at maximum quality takes about 9 minutes 30 seconds for color and about one minute less for black and white. At standard quality settings, a single color print takes only 6 minutes 30 seconds. On A3 + Premium Fine Art Smooth, high quality borderless color prints take just over 12m, while smaller A3 prints with white borders take 10-20 seconds (Premium Fine Art Smooth) or 6 minutes and 50 seconds (Premium Matte). For A4 borderless output on glossy paper, it will take about 4 minutes 30 seconds in premium mode and 3 minutes 20 seconds in standard mode.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver

IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Set Up Printer Driver for:

  • Windows
  • Windows Server
  • Mac Os X
  • Mac Os X Server
  • Linux


Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver Windows

Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Set up Driver Software
Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 XPS Driver
Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 MP Driver

imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Software Download Windows

Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Full Software
Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Easy Photo Print Editor Software
Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Media Configuration Tool
Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Software

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Driver MacOS

Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Full Driver Software
Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Cups Driver
Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 ICA Driver

imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Software Download MacOS

Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Full Software
Download ~~>>IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Easy Photo Print Editor Software
Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Media Configuration Tool
Download ~~>> IJ Start imagePROGRAF PRO-300 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Software

imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Manuals Set Up Download

Download ~~>> User Manual for Windows

Download ~~>> User Manual for Mac

Download ~~>> Getting Started Guide

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